Curriculum Standards

Field trip students learning about how settlers pumped water at Pendarvis.

Pendarvis field trips will enable your students to meet Wisconsin Model Academic Standards for Social Studies Instruction as provided by the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction. See more information in the Chapter 1 Packet.

The printable activity packets below were designed to enhance a visit to Pendarvis for elementary school students. If you are unable to visit, we hope you will still be able to use our materials to augment your social studies curriculum. Please feel free to photocopy any part of the packet as necessary.

  • Chapter 1 Packet (PDF, 599 KB)
    Includes a table of contents, an introduction to the materials for educators, and curriculum standards.
  • Chapter 2 Packet (PDF, 255 KB)
    Pre-visit activities outline the rationale, key vocabulary, and essential questions that guide student activities. Worksheets and recipes included.
  • Chapter 3 Packet (PDF, 532 KB)
    On-site activities.
  • Chapter 4 Packet (PDF, 591 KB)
    Post-visit coloring sheets.
  • Chapter 5 Packet (PDF, 1.01 MB)
    More coloring sheets.
  • Chapter 6 Packet (PDF, 352 KB)
    Sheet music of related folk songs, a bibliography and suggestions for further reading