About Our Field Trips

Field Trip students at Pendarvis.
  • Pendarvis field trips last from one hour to two-and-a-half hours, depending on the size of your group and the number of components you choose. Field trips include your choice of the following:

  • Tour of Pendarvis

    Mining History

    Learn how Wisconsin lead mining surpassed the appeal of the fur trading and farming for 19th-century settlers. See how Mineral Point became a thriving commercial center that housed one of Michigan Territory's first land offices.

  • Immigration History

    As experienced miners began arriving in the 1830s from Cornwall, England, they brought their Cornish culture with them. The small, limestone homes, distinct customs and charming cuisine remain a staple of the Mineral Point area today.

  • Preservation of Pendarvis

    Students will learn how, starting in 1935, Robert Neal and Edgar Hellum acquired, rehabilitated and named several original Pendarvis structures in the Cornish tradition.

  • Hike of Merry Christmas Mine Hill

    Merry Christmas Mine Hill

    Lead a self-guided hike of the Pendarvis mine hill trail. A map and guide explain the restoration of 43 acres of native prairie, and the original "badger hole" mines and historic mining equipment.

  • Pendarvis Store

    Shop for a variety of keepsakes and souvenirs. Many items are inexpensive and program-related to Pendarvis and the early history of Wisconsin. Students typically spend between $5-$15. Many items are available for $1.